CNN blasts Trump for alleged leadership failures


CNN published a biased analysis on President Donald Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, which relied heavily on politically-charged rhetoric.

The cable news network headlined their critique of Trump, “Trump’s post-COVID bubble is popping.” But the analysis was unbalanced, biased, and negative about Trump’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic. The analysis’s negative tone made it more like an opinion editorial than an objective or fair political analysis.

For example, CNN claimed that rising coronavirus cases “obliterated President Donald Trump’s fantasyland” while Trump “sowed new diversions” to distract from “the reality of his leadership void.”

CNN’s overt use of politically-charged hyperbole highlighted the lack of neutrality or impartiality at the cable news network when it comes to Trump-related news.

Also, the analysis spent several paragraphs dissecting Trump’s choice not to wear a mask in public, even though public health officials have flip-flopped on whether masks are effective in preventing coronavirus infections. CNN wrote, “the President… often appears loath to use that political capital and convince his supporters to change their behavior.”

Instead of providing a fair analysis, CNN portrayed Trump as a leader shirking his responsibility to encourage Americans to wear masks in public places.

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