Cody Lovaas Works Through All Of His Emotions & Personalities In Video For ‘OH NO’ — Watch

When love has you ‘acting like an idiot,’ as Cody Lovaas puts it, there’s nothing left to say but ‘OH NO!’ Ahead of his new EP, singer-songwriter gets caught up in ALL of his feelings in this multi-faceted music video.

We’ve all been there: what starts off as a simple relationship turns complicated, leading to mixed signals, unsure feelings, and a growing sense that it’s just not going to work out. It’s enough to leave Cody Lovaas‘s head spinning. The singer-songwriter teamed up with Rozes for his “OH NO!,” a track from his upcoming EP, and to capture that discombobulation that love can cause, it required not one, not two, but nine different Codys going through all the feelings. In the video, premiering here on HollywoodLife, it’s as if Cody’s entire personality – the logical side with two Jenga towers, the artistic side with a painter’s easel, the masculinity with its carpenter tool – gets fractured over one girl. That woman (portrayed by Tatiyana Cotton) just keeps running through all the Codys’ thoughts until they just don’t know what to do.

” ‘OH NO!’ is about a girl who was the perfect excuse for me to act like an idiot,” Cody tells HollywoodLife.“OH NO!” is an enchanting piece of indie-pop, one that demonstrates his captivating voice as a songwriter. In three minutes, Cody tells, as he puts it, “the classic and cliche story about the guy who ignored the little dude talking on his shoulder and muted his inner voice.”

Even those who ignore their “little dude” talking on their shoulders will lend an ear to Cody’s new ep. Pull Out Couch drops on May 15, and it features “OH NO!” along with four other tracks that will all fit together to seemingly tell one cohesive story. “From a love that tried to withstand geographical struggles, to a twenty-one-year-old trying to figure himself out, to a five-year-long cat and mouse relationship,” says Cody, “I wrote all these songs when I first moved to Los Angeles, sleeping on my manager’s pull out couch.”

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Hailing from Carlsbad, California, Cody was performing at open mic nights as a teenager. It was during one of these nights that he caught the attention of Jason Mraz, and “The Remedy” singer took Cody under his wing. As a prolific songwriter – Cody wrote “hundreds” of songs before the age of twenty, per a press release – it was just a matter of time before he found his way to Los Angeles. He dropped his debut single, “Lie,” in 2017, and since then, he’s been racking up millions of streams (he’s been picked for Spotify’s Vibes and Pop Chillout playlists, as well as Starbucks’ Coffeehouse playlist) and just as many fans.

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