Alex Bregman’s fiancee trolls him with neck snap prank

Alex Bregman’s fiancee knows how to pass the time in quarantine — even if it’s at the baseball star’s expense.

Reagan Howard recently trolled the Astros’ third baseman with an at-home prank, chewing a piece of hard pasta while asking Bregman to crack her neck, all of which she documented on TikTok.

“Alex, come here, my neck is killing me, can you help me crack it?” Reagan said in the clip, telling the slugger, “It hurts so bad.”

As Bregman moved her head, Howard crunched down on the pasta, making him flinch immediately.

“Stupid!” Bregman said, swatting his hand at the camera.

In addition to quarantine shenanigans with future wife Howard, Bregman is also giving back to the community in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic with a fundraising campaign to help Houston residents in need.

“I’m so thankful that we were able to volunteer at the @houstonfoodbank today packaging meals for kids! Alex’s new campaign has set a goal to raise $1million to provide meals for children who need them,” Howard posted Friday on Instagram.

The Astros star is coming from an offseason of controversy after the Houston players were busted for the 2018 sign-stealing scandal that rocked MLB before the season was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple got engaged earlier this year.

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