In Lockdown, But Still Connecting? 7 Hints for Speaking to a Camera

The Stream

Suddenly, out of the blue — or in this case out of Wuhan — you find yourself teleconferencing. Thanks to social distancing you’ve been tossed into the world of Zoom and Skype and Facetime, for work, for play, for social engagements … and in the case of many pastors, sermons.

For some, the camera can be as scary as COVID-19. For most, we just haven’t had need to know the best practices for speaking to a lens. Until now.

Karl Faase is here to help. Faase is CEO of Olive Tree Media, an Australian-based ministry dedicated to “telling the story of the game-changing message of Jesus.” He’s put together “7 Hints for Speaking to Camera.” 

PS. We would like to add an eighth tip, courtesy of our own John Zmirak. He learned this one the hard way a few weeks back during an appearance on Blaze TV. Make sure you properly set your alarm clock to ensure you have time to shave and clean yourself up before you have to be on camera. 

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