Lucky birthday boy catches sight of triple whale breach in Hawaii

One lucky man had a whale of a birthday.

While Scott Nix was out whale watching near Lahaina, Hawaii on Jan. 25, the group was treated to a triple humpback whale breach.

Seconds later, a fourth revealed itself, jumping out of the water and splashing back down on its side.

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Nix caught the stunning natural display on video, along with the stunned responses from the rest of the people on his boat trip.

“[It was an] amazing event to watch, and even more special because it happened on my birthday,” Nix, the Hawaii native, told Storyful.

It’s rare to actually catch a glimpse of even one whale while out on the open sea, nonetheless three or four back to back.

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Toni Colombo, an employee of Ultimate Whale Watch, described the moment as a “once in a lifetime sight.”

North Pacific humpback whales arrive in Hawaii after their journey from Alaska from November to May, and most sightings take place from January to March, with February being their peak time.

The nearly 5,000-kilometre voyage can take almost six weeks.

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