‘AGT: The Champions’ Recap: Simon Cowell Steals Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer — Watch

The competition is heating up on ‘AGT: The Champions’ and Simon Cowell was so impressed with one act that he stole Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer for himself during the Jan. 13 episode.

AGT: The Champions season 2 is moving on to week 2, which means that new acts hit the stage. The first performer of the night is 2011 Philippines Got Talent winner Marcelito Pomoy. Before his performance, he admits he’s a bit nervous. However, he doesn’t sound like it when he starts to sing. He effortlessly switches between tenor and soprano voices. “You are a beautiful, wonderful singer,” Howie Mandel says. In the middle of the judges’ comments, the crowd gives Marcelito a standing ovation. Simon Cowell gives him a 10 out of 10. While everyone tries to convince Howie to give Marcelito the Golden Buzzer, he decides against it.

Oz Pearlman, the mentalist came in third place during AGT season 10, returns with another jaw-dropping performance. He brings his whole act full circle. He leaves the judges and the audience in awe. “You really are the real Wizard of Oz,” Heidi Klum declares. Next up is Boogie Storm, the act that came in third place on Britain’s Got Talent. Their performance is fun and energetic, especially in those Stormtrooper outfits. This group was Simon’s Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent so he’s got a soft spot for them. Howie isn’t going to give the group his Golden Buzzer, though.

But Simon shocks everyone by stealing Howie’s Golden Buzzer and giving it to Boogie Storm! The contestants who still have to perform are stunned. Simon raves that Boogie Storm is one of the “most original acts we’ve ever had.”

Ben Blaque is ready for a comeback. The danger act made it to the semi-finals of BGT in 2016 but can’t forget when his act went wrong. He wants to redeem himself for that. Ben reveals that he’s going to try his crossbow roulette act again with Alesha Dixon. The act doesn’t get off to the best start since Ben forgets the safety on the crossbows. Alesha begins pulling the levers but, eventually, all four red buzzers are hit, which means Ben must stop the performance. Simon believes AGT would have had its “first death” if Ben didn’t stop. Ben’s road to redemption comes to a screeching halt.

Musical group Collabro wants to make it big in America. The group won Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, so this is the logical next step. Collabro performs “Shallow” and it’s a pretty solid performance. Alesha admits she felt like they’ve performed other songs better. While Heidi says they’re “very good singers,” Simon declares the performance “wimpy.”

Ryan Niemiller is back! The comedian came in third place during AGT season 14. He returns to the stage with a handful of hilarious jokes. Simon tells Ryan that he was “better tonight” than he was on the main show. Puddles Pity Party performs Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.” There’s no denying that Puddles has a great voice. “You are a champion,” Howie says. Alesha says she’s not sure if this act is good enough to win.

Magician and Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Marc Spellman takes the stage to wow every single person in the room. He pulls off the ultimate surprise when AGT and AGT: The Champions winner Shin Lim shows up! Everyone is shook. “This would have been my Golden Buzzer,” Howie reveals. Luke Islam made it to the semi-finals of AGT season 14 but wants to become a champion. He performs a powerful rendition of Celine Dion’s “Ashes.” Simon didn’t care for the song, but Heidi and Howie both loved the performance.

Spencer Horsman is the final performance of the night. The escape artist from AGT season 7 has never been afraid to take a risk but this performance will be his biggest one yet. For his act, he’s going to be locked underwater and hoisted 30 feet in the air. He’s got 2 minutes to free himself, but there’s a catch. Not only does Spencer have to get out of the locks, but he also has to reach up to the top and attach the safety harness before the bottom of the box drops and he falls! Despite everything, Spencer manages to do all of those things. It’s truly a jaw-dropping act.

Marcelito Pomoy and Marc Spellman are going to the semi-finals. The judges have to decide between Ryan Niemiller, Spencer Horsman, and Luke Islam. Simon, Alesha, and Heidi pick Ryan so he’s headed to the semi-finals!

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