Bella Thorne Makes Out With Ava Caceres In Singer’s Debut Music Video & Says ‘I Love Blondes’

Bella Thorne has a new make out partner. She passionately kisses singer Ava Caceres in her debut music video for ‘Be Somebody’ and has proclaimed ‘I love blondes.’

Well this is one way to get massive attention for a debut music video. Rising pop star Ava Caceres enlisted actress Bella Thorne, 22, to co-star in her video for the song “Be Somebody” and the two ladies end up falling for each other. In the video they play theater actresses who are seen growing attracted while discussing scenes. Before long, they can’t hold back their passion, making out with each other backstage in the video that dropped on Jan. 10.

But things don’t end up working out in the end. After some serious smooching, Bella shakes her head that she just can’t get involved with Ava. She motions with her hands as if she’s explaining why their romance can never be. She walks away as Ava has a tearful look in her eye. It matches along to the lyric, “But if someone had to hurt me, I’m glad that it was you. One day I’ll be somebody’s.” Later Bella is seen crying in her dressing room over her decision to break things off with Ava.

Ava told Billboard that, “I hope ‘Be Somebody’s’ is a window into the soul for anyone who is in need of personal acceptance and independence,” of the song’s message. “My biggest hope is that anyone, most especially those who are suffering from heartbreak, can latch on to this message of reflection and march forward knowing you can prevail regardless of your past.”

Bella shared how proud she was of Ava by posting a scene from the video to her Instagram. She captioned it, “I like blondes ? congrats on the video gorg xx 🙂 @hispanicguava, @billboard” referring to the beautiful blonde singer. Ava is just relieved that the video has finally come out. “Gotta take a minute to breathe now (loosen your shoulders) ?,” she captioned an Instagram post with a still from the video.

“There’s been so much love pouring in for the “Be Somebody’s” video. i am SO grateful to everyone who had a hand in creating this (and it was a lot more people than I could tag!). every single person attached truly allowed magic to unfold ?,” she wrote in the cation. “And thank you, to those who listened! whether you’ve been here for two hours, two years, or will walk away in two minutes, I just want to thank you for even spending a second of your time here. buckle up, we’re going on an adventure.” After watching Ava’s amazing debut music video with Bella, we can’t wait to see what’s next from the talented rising star.

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