‘RHOA’ Recap: Cynthia Confronts Kenya About Trying To Ruin Mike’s Proposal

After arriving in Toronto, during the Dec. 29 episode of ‘RHOA’, Cynthia came face-to-face with Kenya and asked her if she intentionally tried to ruin her proposal.

Did Kenya Moore make a simple mistake or was she truly trying to ruin Cynthia Bailey‘s proposal? Ahead of Mike Hill‘s super romantic proposal last week, Kenya told Cynthia that a proposal may be coming. At the time, Cynthia didn’t think anything of it, but when Mike did end up popping the question, Cynthia started wondering whether or not Kenya was actually trying to ruin the moment. So after the ladies arrived in Toronto, during the Dec. 29 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia confronted Kenya and asked her that very question.

“If you knew he was trying to do it to surprise me, why would bring that up to me?” Cynthia, 52, asked Kenya, 48, to which she responded, “I just felt it and you know, we always have conversations about my premonitions on things.” But Kandi, who alerted Kenya about the possible proposal beforehand, said, “It wasn’t a premonition though. We already had a little argument about this situation. Kenya texted me and I was like, ‘[You need] to hurry because I think he’s about to pop the question.'”

After Kenya arrived at the party — just moments before Mike proposed — she said to Cynthia, “I think he’s gonna propose tonight”. But no matter what anyone believes, Kenya still doesn’t think there’s a problem with what she said. “You’re making it seem like I somehow ruined her proposal or something. Let me just say this. I am happy for you and don’t ever sit here and try to question why I said this … that bitch right there, I ride for her hard,” Kenya told the group of ladies.

But not everyone agreed with Kenya. During her private confessional, Porsha said, “If that were my friend, that would really make me wonder, ‘Are you really my friend?’ Who would steal someone’s happiness like that? That’s just weird to me.” Kenya claimed that she did have a premonition before Kandi texted her, so her comment had nothing to do with what Kandi told her before arriving at the party.

Even so, their conversation took a detour before any resolution could be made, when NeNe Leakes unexpectedly showed up! And that was just moments after Cynthia discovered that “someone” had leaked NeNe’s hand-written note to her to a news outlet. So, obviously, things are about to get even more heated in Toronto.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta air Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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