Mitchell Robinson wants answers for ‘touch-foul’ confusion

Knicks center Mitchell Robinson is getting confused on what is a touch foul and what is a technical foul.

Robinson fouled out of Sunday’s 103-101 loss to the Nets in 19 minutes, even though David Fizdale initially saved him by winning a coach’s challenge to negate his sixth foul.

However, one minute later, Robinson picked up his sixth again with 4:12 left, brushing Spencer Dinwiddie 30 feet from the basket on a switch.

Adding insult to injury, Robinson then picked up a technical on his way to the bench.

So what’d he say to the officials?

“I don’t want to talk — that’s exactly what I said [to him],” Robinson explained. “I said I don’t want to talk. I swear. What can you do? They’re striped. Like a zebra.”

Fizdale lamented the amount of “touch fouls” he’s seeing and said the difference in the game was the “foul discrepancy.” On Sunday, the Nets shot 34 free throws to the Knicks’ 16. The Knicks were called for 29 fouls to the Nets’ 16.

Homecourt advantage isn’t what it was once.

“You’re going to touch a guy,” said Robinson, who scored six points and had three rebounds. “Did I aggressively touch him or did I tap? I just think it’s because we have New York across our chest.”

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