LeBron James farts at fans after they ask for his autograph

The King has tooted.

Basketball star LeBron James responded to a fan request for an autograph by farting at him while leaving an Oklahoma steakhouse.

LeBron and fellow basketballer Chris Paul were leaving the Mohagany Prime Steakhouse in Oklahoma City when the fans, who were recording the encounter, approached.

Before entering a waiting SUV, James lifted his leg and offered a burst of flatulence so loud it was picked by the camera’s audio from the other side of the parking lot, TMZ reported.

It’s been a banner week for farting news, with Rep. Eric Swalwell also making national headlines after what appeared to be a loud fart during a live interview with MSNBC host Chris Matthews.

The network later said the sound was not a fart but was in fact caused by Matthews dragging his coffee up across the desk.

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