Tom Brady got ‘pushed over the edge’ in Patriots’ first loss

For Tom Brady, a lifetime of winning doesn’t guarantee calm living.

Especially in the fall.

“I am angry during football season,” the quarterback said Monday on WEEI in Boston, the morning after the Patriots took their first loss of the year against the Ravens. “It is always just below a boil. It doesn’t take much to push me over the edge.”

That was especially the case Sunday night, when Brady got ticked off at an intentional grounding call during the second quarter in New England’s 37-20 loss. The Patriots were driving and had reached the Ravens’ 33-yard line when Brady threw a pass that sailed near the sideline, away from any receiver. It looked like Phillip Dorsett may have been the intended target, but he cut to the right instead of left, where Brady’s pass landed.

Brady wasn’t shy in pleading his case that the flag should have been picked up, but it failed in changing the referee’s mind.

The call set the Patriots back and made them eventually punt, instead of having a chance to cut into a 17-7 deficit.

Brady finished the night 30-for-46 for 285 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

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