Kanye West Breaks 9-Month Twitter Silence To Confirm New Album ‘Jesus Is King’ Release Date

Kanye West’s Twitter account has been silent since January. But he has finally returned to personally announce that his long-awaited ninth studio album is coming out on Oct. 25.

Kanye West hasn’t shared anything to his Twitter since Jan. 1, 2019. He’s been using wife Kim Kardashian West to give fans updates on when his ninth studio album is coming out, but now he’s finally broken his Twitter silence to announce that his much delayed Jesus Is King dropping on Oct. 25. Though many growingly impatient fans don’t think he’ll actually come through after two release dates in September came and went.

In a simple post on Oct. 20, Ye wrote “JESUS IS KING” OCT 25th” along with an image of his album in blue vinyl along with the title and his name in gold lettering. The album has had several false starts when it comes to its release date. His 39-year-old wife had shared via social media on Aug. 29 that Jesus Is King would drop on September 27 and included the titles to 12 tracks written on a piece of paper.

Then when that day arrived and no album dropped, Kim shared a revised track list of 10 songs with the Twitter caption, “Have faith…” and explained it was being pushed to September 29 for some tweaks. But that date came and went without its arrival or any mention of when it would come out and fans were livid. Now that Kanye has finally broken his own Twitter silence to announce the release date instead of relying on his wife, maybe he’s finally satisfied with the finished product to deliver it to fans.

Kanye is notorious for announcing projects and giving release dates without delivering, so even his fans were suspect about his tweet. One fan joked, “He didn’t say which year tho,” in the comments while man named Walker wrote, “Don’t get your hopes up.” Hip Hop by the Numbers noted that “Jesus is King will actually be really early by Kanye standards His albums arrive, on average, 130 days after the original announced date 8 projects total, only 4 arrived on time.”

A user named Dolan reminded everyone of Kanye’s tardiness with album releases by sharing a 2018 tweet by Kanye promising his now-aborted album Yandhi was dropping on Sept. 29, 2018 and telling fans “Yandhi is releasing this Saturday,” which everyone knows never happened. Dolan added above Ye’s old tweet, “I’ll believe it when I see it Kanye.”

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