Vikings vs. Lions prediction, line: Minnesota will beat wounded Detroit

The Wildcat returns for his 23rd season with The Post. Including the 1997-2018 seasons in the Bettor’s Guide, Cat’s record in print stands at 615-520 (54.2 percent) against the spread.

Minnesota Vikings (-11/2) over DETROIT LIONS: These two NFC Central exemplars have split out over the past nine seasons — but home side might be on tilt after being victimized by unspeakable officiating at Green Bay on Monday night. An unbalanced Lions attack can self-destruct against good teams. Twenty rushes for just 62 yards left Matthew Stafford to throw it 32 times. This tends not to work against superior defenses. The Detroit stop unit remains nothing to write home about. Vikings pillage, for one unit.

Baltimore Ravens (+31/2) over SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Both of these venerated franchises boast at least one Lombardi and possess the kind of hard-knocking class that distinction reflects. Russell Wilson is in the thick of this year’s MVP fight — and yes, Cat loved him, even when he was at N.C. State. But Seattle defense is iffy, and we don’t trust either side to maintain a comfortable lead against the other. Ravens “Poe” it on, for one unit.

Last week: 2-0. Saints (W). Texas Longhorns (W).
Season: 8-3-1.

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