The four major forces revolutionizing the airline industry

In 2018, 4.23 billion passengers traveled by plane–up 61% from 2010. That passenger number includes each time someone took a trip, so some people are counted more than once. We can expect more people to fly, and to do so more often. But that doesn’t mean the business or experience of flying will always look the way they do now.

Quartz’s latest presentation introduces you to the four major forces already reshaping the future of air travel: the climate crisis, the rise of middle class flyers in Asia, a pilot shortage, and tech advances.

You can preview our presentation on the future of air travel below. To see all of the slides, view the PDF version or download the PowerPoint file, which includes our sources and notes. This is one of an ongoing series of member-exclusive presentations, which you can read, reformat, and use as you wish.

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