Boris Johnson calls for routine prorogation of Parliament

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ask Queen Elizabeth to suspend, or prorogue, parliament for a matter of days from next Tuesday to launch its new legislative agenda.

U.K. PM Boris Johnson to send ‘final offer’ for Brexit deal to EU

Last week, Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that Johnson’s previous suspension of parliament was unlawful after critics argued it was being used to prevent lawmakers from scrutinizing his Brexit plans, forcing parliament to reconvene amid angry scenes.

That suspension had been due to last five weeks.

But with parliament needing to be prorogued before any new legislative launch, known as a Queen’s Speech, the government has requested a much shorter suspension, meaning it should take place as normal.

“I want to deliver on the people’s priorities,” Johnson said in a statement.

Boris Johnson says government prepared to submit concrete Brexit proposals

“Through a Queen’s Speech, the government will set out its plans for the NHS (health service), schools, tackling crime, investing in infrastructure and building a strong economy. We will get Brexit done on 31 October and continue delivering on these vital issues.”

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