‘Frozen 2’: Idina Menzel Belts Out New Power Ballad ‘Into The Unknown’ In Highly Anticipated Sequel

Are you ready to join Elsa, Anna, and Olaf as they venture ‘into the unknown?’ Idina Menzel certainly is and she ‘sleighs’ on the performance of ‘Frozen 2’s anthem.

“Every day it’s a little harder/ as I feel my power grow,” Idina Menzel sings on “Into The Unknown,” the song that fans think will be the “Let It Go” of Frozen 2. Disney gave fans a peek at the anthem on Sept. 30, about two months before the sequel hits theatres. In the preview, the cast of the first movie — Elsa, Anna, Oglaf, Sven, and Kristoff — embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of Elsa’s past. As they venture literally “Into The Unknown,” Idina sings about how while venturing into this undiscovered territory is intimidating, there is “a little part of me that loves to go / into the unknown.”

That’s really all that Disney and Idina gave fans, but honestly, it was enough. Just a minute of Idina’s vocals was enough to send fans into a Frozen frenzy. “This is the song, isn’t it. It’s the “Let it go” of Frozen 2,” one fan said. “I swear!!! Disney is trying to kill me here with Idina’s vocals!!! I need more!! I need the movie to come out now!!” “I’m ready for this song to be stuck in my head.” ” This is so catchy, let’s learn this song before the Christmas, 2 months left guys, we believe in you Disney, please make my Christmas holiday full of happiness with frozen 2.”

Expect Frozen 2‘s soundtrack to fill many fans’ stockings this Christmas. The album will contain seven original songs by Oscar-winning husband-and-wife songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez. Song titles include “All Is Found,” “Some Things Never Change,” “Into the Unknown,” “When I Am Older,” “Lost in the Woods,” “Show Yourself” and “The Next Right Thing.” The soundtrack will also see Panic! At The Disco, Kacey Musgraves and Weezer sign on as “end-credit artists.” While the credits are rolling, fans will hear P!ATD cover “Into The Unknown,” Kacey sing “All Is Found” and Weezer’s version of “Lost In The Woods.”

“The songs and score of Frozen 2 reflect the growth of the characters and the deepening of their story,” said co-director Jennifer Lee, per Billboard. “The music is fun but emotional, personal yet powerful, intimate but also epic. Kristen, Bobby and Christophe have definitely outdone themselves and taken the music to brave new heights.”

It remains to be seen if “Into The Unknown” becomes as inescapable as “Let It Go.” The power of “Let It Go” was just as much as its lyrical content as it was due to Idina’s voice. “Let It Go” was in an LGBT anthem, a feminist call for freedom, and as The Guardian described it, “an aperitif for adolescence…a moment of transition and upheaval which conveys the giddy, reckless buzz of expressing yourself without considering the consequences.” The universal utility of the song made it a hit, and if “Into The Unknown” connects with so many other groups, it may even eclipse “Let It Go” in success and cultural impact. Or, at least, it’ll help sell a few copies of the Frozen 2 soundtrack.

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